Our Story

A distinctive unisex perfumery that turns your most precious moments into lifelong memories. 

“Why start a perfume brand?” you may ask… 

Perfume has always been a vital element of beauty in my life. Growing up, I would watch my mother collect perfumes in abundance and each day she would experiment with a different one. I silently {and happily} observed in amazement as she walked past people leaving them with the mark of her scent, a sweet whiff of blissful joy… a head turner. I once asked her why perfume was so important to her, to which she replied “It’s a form of representation, it’s a part of me… it’s a part of everyone. Each individual has a unique scent of their own, like a trademark.” Naturally, I was compelled to embark on my own journey with scents, further appreciating this intricacy upon discovering new ones. It was like I was being revived each time… this taught *me* how skin can come alive. 

My most loving value is self-expression, and my line is a direct reflection of that – products made with your experiences in mind. I aspire to give you something that allows you to create the most treasurable memories of exploration in your lives and hearts, creating links from one moment to the other… for what is a scent without a vision attached to it? Your favorite book, your favorite food, your favorite plant, your favorite oil, your favorite person, your favorite memory… 

Sarai Del Sun goes beyond perfumes, it epitomizes and celebrates the journey of discovering your individuality – precisely the reason the bottles are left brandless. Striving to support, empower and guide you through your walk on Earth… creating comfort in your own skin by allowing you to be you, connecting you to your true nature, promoting elemental wellness. Jump on an aromatic journey to reveal your inner self and unleash the visionary within. 

The brand aims to be as eco-conscious as possible, opting to use reusable packaging for the bottles, as well as recycled (and recyclable) paper for all our prints… giving you a guilt-free shopping experience! We are constantly exposed to the depletion of our planet – from many angles – and it is all too easy to become frustrated on the one hand or passive and despondent on the other. But these responses are ineffective at bringing about change. We owe a lot to nature… let’s collectively do better to help save our planet. Reduce, reuse, recycle… and smell phenomenally whilst doing so! 

All my warmth, 

Sarai Del Sun xo