Sarai Del Sun


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LIMONCELLO combines the fresh and vibrant notes of lemongrass, mint, tea leaves, cedar and musk to evoke a dreamlike vision – a walk along a lemongrass field. Close your eyes and let the fragrance transport you to a dream of an afternoon stroll along the field. Your feet sink into the rich soil as the leaves brush against your skin. The sun sinks gently through the blue sky, its warmth balanced by a soft breeze with the subtle tangy scent of the green field.

LIMONCELLO captures the carefree bliss of a happy summer day. This fragrance is composed of fresh, invigorating and relaxing notes of lemongrass mixed with slight green notes of mint and tea leaves. A delicious Mediterranean symbol, perfect for any occasion! 

Top note: citrus. 

Base notes: cedar, musk. 


Eau de parfum 50ml