Sarai Del Sun


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FRAPPÈ is a sweet and subtle fragrance that recollects the memory of your soft skin wrapped in fresh and chilled linens through notes of vanilla, powder, cinnamon and musk. The warmth of the setting sun welcomes a perfect evening and a soft breeze carries the whispers of the starry night, enticing you to give yourself some extra loving in preparation for a great nights rest. Your delicate, smooth skin warmed up under a cocoon of fresh sheets, leaving only memories and sensations. 

FRAPPÈ is a casual, cozy and sweet fragrance that evokes the sensation of comfort, sensuality, and relaxation. This enchanting fragrance is perfect for your lazy Sundays at home, the ideal refresher. Pure, deep, blissful. 

Top notes: vanilla and powder. 

Base notes: musk and cinnamon. 


Eau de toilette 50ml